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Faefever (Fever, Book 3)

Faefever - Karen Marie Moning I think that one of the big problems with this book is that the main character, Mac isn't all that interesting and because the book is written in the first person she's ever present. There are things I like about these books and things I don't like. I really liked some of the peripheral characters and I think the story was starting to come good towards the endbut this book ends with a gang rape. I tend to avoid books in which women are physically or sexually abused. I can accept that in some cases it's a part of the story, I can even accept that it might need to be described. In this case I found the description of that sexual assault offensive.I have ordered the final two in the series and will read them. If I had finished this one before I placed that order I might have decided to walk away. At any rate, I need a break so it's onto some lighter fair for the next little while.