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Maid for Love (The McCarthys of Gansett Island, Book 1)

Maid for Love - Marie Force ★★★☆ / 3.5 StarsAs a girl in high school, Maddie rejected one of the popular boys. He exacted his revenge by spreading vicious rumours about her. Now many years later she is still considered the town tramp by just about everyone on Gansett Island. After Mac knocks her off her bicycle she is incapable of working at his families hotel where she is a cleaner. He decides to make amends by helping her out until she is better. Almost from the first he realizes her reputation isn't deserved and soon finds himself falling in love, but she has been treated badly by every man she has ever loved so he needs to be careful.Maid for Love is kind of obvious and a bit unlikely. Some things in the book didn't quite click, but it was a fun read and definitely worth the money for fans of contemporary romance.