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Catch Of The Day

Catch of the Day - Kristan Higgins Maggie, the owner of a diner in a small town on the coast of Maine desperately wants to find love and settle down to raise a family. So when the perfect man walks into her diner she immediately sets her sights on him. Unfortunately it turns out he is a priest. Maloney takes keeping his own counsel to extremes. He doesn't just guard his words, it seems that every syllable has to be dragged out of him. Surly and mysterious and with a past he is anything but perfect. I should have liked this book a lot. With the exception of Tim, the priest, I liked all of the characters. I think the idea was good, and I loved the setting of a coastal fishing town in Maine. But for some reason it wasn't working. It was good enough that I have ordered the next in the series, but I won't be making any plans beyond that.