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Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes: 1 (A Rose Gardner Mystery)

Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes (A Rose Gardner Mystery) - Denise Grover Swank I didn’t know anything about saving anybody. I didn’t even know where to go, let alone have a car to get there. But I did have a gun, even if I’d never shot one before. I unwrapped it, careful to point it away from me. I couldn’t find the round spinny thing for the bullets. Then I remembered, those were the kind of guns they used in prehistoric times. That covered most of the television shows I’d watched pre-cable. I was looking for the thing at the bottom of the gun. After a lot of fumbling and, I hate to admit it a little bit of cussing, I got it opened.Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes is some serious good fun. Rose has the gift of the second sight. Unfortunately, most of her predictions are more along the lines of toilets overflowing and dogs getting out of yards than anything really useful. Then one Friday afternoon she has a vision of her own death, and her life becomes a mad house. Her mother is murdered and she is the main suspect; gangsters are gunning for her; the police are about to arrest her; and her sexy neighbor seems intent on imposing himself on her (in the biblical sense). If you look at my books, you'll see a lot of interesting female characters. It's one of the things I look for in a book. In that long list, Rose Gardner is something a little more than most. She's kind of a top shelf heroine. I'll definitely be looking for more of this series.