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Mostly Romance. Contemporary, Paranormal, Historical and Romantic Suspense. Also a little Urban Fantasy and Mystery.
When Snow Falls (Whiskey Creek, #2) - Brenda Novak Until she arrived in Whiskey Creek with her mother and sister, Cheyenne lived a transient life. Her mother would arrive in a town, do some small time swindles, work as a prostitute and even use her children to cheat people out of their money. With terminal cancer her mother isn't long for this world and Cheyenne is desperate to get some answers before she takes them to the grave with her, but both her mother and her sister are keeping secrets for their own reasons. Dylan has a reputation as a bad boy. He's someone the people of Whiskey Creek stay away from. He lives with his brothers and they've all had their run ins with the law. But he's always had a thing for Cheyenne even though she won't even give him the time of day. With the turmoil in Cheyenne's life he finds a small chink in her armor. When Snow Falls is Brenda Novak at her best. A good solid story about fractured characters searching for their place in the world.