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Ethan, Who Loved Carter

Ethan, Who Loved Carter - Ryan Loveless Carter has Tourette's Syndrome. He has tics which become quite severe when stressed. He leads a reclusive life with very few friends and avoids social situations.Ethan, who suffered a severe brain injury many years earlier, is outgoing, full of love and can see music in everything...even the gaps in the clouds. On the surface Ethan and Carter are very different, but Carter doesn't define Ethan by his brain damage, he treats him like a normal human being, and Ethan is able to draw Carter out of his shell. They are opposites but perfect for each other. What I liked...For me, the most interesting thing in this book is the relationship between a man with Tourette's and a man who suffered a brain injury. I think it's an important subject and I would encourage anyone to read this book.The relationship between Ethan and Carter is quite gentle and even people who wouldn't normally read gay fiction probably won't struggle too much with this one. What I didn't like...Everything in this book was just a little too perfect. Perfect parents, perfect employers, perfect friends, perfect police. It occasionally feels like a cross between The Brady Bunch and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. It doesn't really detract from the story but it was quite obvious. For me the sex didn't quite work with the story. But it's possible that I'm just uncomfortable with the fact that it was sex between two men. Not really sure on that one.