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Kiss Me While I Sleep (John Medina Series #3)

Kiss Me While I Sleep - Linda Howard An experienced female assassin with a heart of gold, walks off the reservation one day and plinks the man who killed her only friends. CIA send in a Texan operator who has a penchant for fast and sexy cars to remind her that it's not a good idea to leave the reservation...did I mention he also has a heart of gold? Anyway for someone who has been on the job for 20 years she seems to struggle with switching off and pulling the trigger. Presumably he's been on the job for a while as well so it's surprising that when she points a .22 pistol at his head he just laughs at the low caliber like someone who has never seen what a low caliber bullet can do. I didn't much like this book. It was all a bit too twee. It was quite well written and for what it is the story was entertaining, but I'd be surprised if Linda Howard spent more than 10 minutes on Google doing the research for this book.