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Lady of Light and Shadows

Lady of Light and Shadows - C.L. Wilson Lord of Fading LandsLord of the Fading LandsLady of Light and ShadowsTairen Soul Book 2 or more accurately Tairen Soul Book 1, part 2 has Rain and Elysetta preparing for their impending marriage, while around them Eld mages are sowing discord within Celieria. Plots abound within the Celierian nobles who are agitating for a treaty with the Eld while the peasantry are outraged over what they see as the fae killing Celierians. The first half of Lady of Light and Shadows rates 2 Stars in my opinion. I think the author could have easily cut down the first 200 pages to two or three chapters. Calling a spade a spade, it was really boring and I could have easily walked away from it without a second thought.The second half...happy dance.It's as good as the first half is bad. These two books together get 4.5 Stars. I just can't rate this book on it's own.