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Homecoming Ranch - Julia London

Madeline inherits a share in a ranch from the father who abandoned her as a child. She discovers she has two sisters, who presumably will come to the fore in the next books. Coming from an unstable background she is shy of commitment and wants to sell the ranch and return to the safety of her life in Orlando. Unfortunately there is something of an ownership dispute which wasn't resolved before her father died. Luke's father needed cash to pay for his brother's medical bills and he sold the ranch to Madeline's father with a promise that he could buy it back when they had the cash. His brother has Motor Neurone Disease and Luke is always the one who ends up picking up the pieces. So Luke finds himself crashing into Madeline and a contemporary romance is born.


Homecoming Ranch was OK without ever being great. If I had connected with the characters it might have lifted it to a 3.5 Star book but as it is, it just didn't have the spark that would have made it a great book. I think the second book in the series will probably be better.


The Cover


To my way of thinking a good cover should do three things.


1. It should be visually appealing. It is a point of advertising and it needs to attract the attention of potential readers.

2. It should communicate specifically to those who read that genre of book. A cover is a type of language which readers can interpret.

3. It should be consistent with the contents of the book.



IMO...the cover for this book doesn't work. It's a way too tricky, doesn't really tell me much and isn't visually appealing. The gramophone and the chandelier are completely meaningless...why are they there? Why is there a table set for dinner in a barn?