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The Dr Pepper Prophecies - Jennifer Gilby Roberts Mel has a job she hates. Her ex-boyfriend is her boss and a veritable stationery cupboard Napoleon. Her parents think the sun rises and falls on her sister but can only manage mild disappointment in her. Add to that, her best friend Will is dating a social climber who hates her and wants to evict her from Will's life. In short her life is a mess. With not much she can do to fix up her own life, she decides to try her hand at being Dr Pepper Love for her friends. But despite her enthusiastic efforts things aren't really working out the way she planned.I don't know all that much about British Chick Lit / Romantic Comedies. I was going to compare this book to Bridget Jones's Diary but there's a small problem. I haven't actually read Bridget Jones's Diary, but if I had I'd say this book is a lot like it....even though I don't really know anything about it. I guess I could compare it to Four Weddings and a Funeral but honestly Hugh Grant has always creeped me out. I read a Sophie Kinsella book a couple of years ago, but can't remember anything about it so no comparison there either. So books and movies are out. I guess that leaves desserts. This book is like lemon meringue pie. It's sweet and a little tart. Smooth but with a crunchy crust. It's really kind of perfect.There is some scope for this book to become a series and I really hope it does. I loved Mel and her friends and I hope I get a chance to meet them again.