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A Lady Risks All - Bronwyn Scott Mercedes is a woman on a mission. Though highly skilled at billiards she is refused entry to the Billiards halls because of her gender. When her father takes on a new protégé, he asks Mercedes to train him in the hopes he can become a champion...a title she wants for herself.Greer is a skilled billiards player who lacks the subtlety and finesse to become a champion. Though from a titled family that looks down on billiards he finds himself drawn into the world of gambling and travelling from town to town. Greer is uncomfortable with hustling folk in billiards halls in small towns, but if he walks away he may lose Mercedes who he has come to love. I generally don't read historical romance. I've probably read about a dozen in my 40+ years. So cards on the table I don't know what the rules and conventions for the genre are. I don't know the underlying history that is the backdrop for these stories. But Google is a wonderful thing. It tells me that this book is a Regency Romance (only just). It tells me that oral sex was indeed performed during the period (who would have thought a week ago I would be typing "the history of oral sex" into google?), and while the premise may be unlikely it's at least possible. Likeable characters, a simple story well told. It's really all you need and this book delivers that. Many Thanks to Harlequin and Netgalley for providing me with this ARC