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Bluegrass State of Mind

Bluegrass State of Mind  - Kathleen Brooks

After celebrating her 29th birthday with friends, McKenna returns to her New York law firm late one night to collect some papers. What she discovers is some serious heavy hitters including partners, senators, judges and her boyfriend gang raping a woman. These powerful men think nothing of killing to protect their reputation and McKenna needs to be silenced.

She withdraws all her money and takes flight, finally landing in a small town in Kentucky where she meets Will, a breeder of champion race horses. They are attracted to each other but Chad (the ex-boyfriend) is hunting her and Will's ex-wife is causing some trouble for him. On top of it all someone is sabotaging Will's ranch and the prime suspect is his neighbor, a sheik who wants his land.


OK...it's not all that original but the basic premise if done well would get 4 Stars, so I'll start there and deduct stars for some of the problems I have with this book.



★★★★ (4 Stars)Too Much Information: This book is saturated with details that don't help the story at all. Pages are spent describing her designer clothes, the floor of the stable, the shoes she wears, the food she eats, court procedures. The oath made by officers of the court was in the book in it's entirety. Do I really need to know all that?


★★★☆ (3.5 Stars)Aimless:This book starts off with an interesting idea...then for 150 pages it wanders off into the wilderness...well a small town in Kentucky. I kept thinking something was about to happen only to discover I was mistaken. Finally I arrive at the end and WTF...nothing happened! It just ended without a resolution...seriously, I have to buy book two to find out if Chad and his cronies get their comeuppance


★★★ (3 Stars)Loose Ends: Characters appear and disappear for no apparent reason. Mohtadi's parents show up, then leave. McKenna's competition for the ADA position is the mayer's loser son. Never see nor hear from him or the mayor. At the beginning she calls 911 to report the rape, we're never told what came of that. Mohtadi's bodyguard is made out to be something of a hard man...the sort of person who has a wood chipper and prize winning tomatoes. So he has access to Chad and what does he do...he sends him on his way. Later he apparently drives one of the senators involved in the gang rape home from a party. What happens? No idea. Presumably nothing.


★★☆ (2.5 Stars) Bluegrass State of Mind is a debut and I can forgive a lot in a first effort. It could be a very good book but it needs a serious and merciless edit. I found it to be a bit of a grind but I imagine most authors look back on their first efforts and cringe.


Did I mention the ending?