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Demonic Dora - Claire Chilton 3.5 StarsDora's father is a Bible thumping preacher, her mother a former pole dancer, now religious zealot. When Dora manages to summon a demon her not so loving parents decide to burn her at the stake. She manages to escape with the help of Kieron the aforementioned demon and they run away to his home, yep...hell. Kieron isn't all that evil for a demon and with judgement day fast approaching he needs to learn how to harness his inner dark heart. Dora needs to pass herself off as a demon, something she is quite good at, but Kieron's father has his eyes set firmly on her soul and she'll need Kieron's help if she wants to hang on to it. Demonic Dora isn't perfect. There are some great moments but it occasionally lost it's way and wandered off onto tangents. It makes light of some religious beliefs and I can imagine some might be offended by that, but overall I think it was good fun and had quite a few laugh out loud funny moments. Many thanks to Ragz Books and Netgalley for providing me with this ARC