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Mostly Romance. Contemporary, Paranormal, Historical and Romantic Suspense. Also a little Urban Fantasy and Mystery.
Soul Sucker (Soul Justice, #1) - Kate Pearce Ella is an empath working for the Supernatural Branch of Law Enforcement. It's her job to make sure the fae living amongst humans behave themselves and if a human should happen to stumble upon one to remove those memories. But the price of being an empath is that the psychic power she wields will eventually engulf her and send her insane. Vadim is fae and that's about all Ella can work out. He lives in the human world and works for the SBLE. He is sent to help Ella and her team track down a serial killer who is killing empaths by sucking their minds dry. If they can't find the killer Vadim will be sent back to other world and certain death. With Vadim facing an uncertain future if they fail and Ella facing the insanity which will take her over after her 27th birthday both have nothing to lose. But there are forces manipulating them from the shadows. I liked Soul Sucker a lot. It was pretty good urban fantasy and managed to hold my attention till the end. It's not perfect...Kate Pearce spends a fair bit of time setting up story arcs which end up going nowhere, and one biggie the reason Vadim is petrified about returning to Other World is ultimately resolved in a few short sentences. Still definitely worth the effort.