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Hound Dog Blues - Virginia Brown This review is for the first three books in Virginia Brown's, Blue Suede Memphis series. Hound Dog Blues Harley Davidson is a tour guide. Her life largely consists of driving Elvis fans around Memphis and showing them the sights. After her father's dog disappears she is enlisted to investigate the missing pooch case. Bumbling into a police investigation she finds herself the target of ruthless jewell thieves. Harley Rushes In Harley's Aunt Darcy finds herself in the middle of an international smuggling operation centred around her design business. She hires Harley to get to the bottom of it, but when bodies start showing up Aunt Darcy is the #1 suspect.Suspicious Mimes Elvis impersonators are being murdered and Harley once again finds herself at the centre of it all. With the police dragging their feet, her friend Tootsie asks her to investigate and save the tour bus business.This series reminds me a lot of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum novels. I don't think it's a bad thing. Books like this aren't going to win any awards, but despite being predictable they are entertaining and great fun. These books are great comfort reads.