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Magick - Trish Milburn This review contains spoilers for White Witch and Bane. If you haven't read books one and two of The Coven series, do not read this reviewAfter fully embracing her dark magic and killing a supernatural hunter in Bane Jax finds herself bound in a windowless room with her powers sealed. But The Bane need her. With the incredible release of power, the evil covens are all advancing on Salem determined to end her and the threat she poses to them. She needs to destroy the darkness within her and find the white magic that only she can master and she needs to do it quickly. Hopelessly outnumbered she and her friends search for the answers even as she struggles to push through the darkness and find the light beyond. Magick is great young adult paranormal fiction. It really is everything I want in a YA novel. It's a good story, well crafted and the final battle is so well written it's sublime. These books are incredibly short and if I have one criticism it relates to that. The price for the Kindle version of each of these books is $8.50. I know quite a few people who would look at that price and think it was excessive. Personally I'm OK with that sort of money for an e-book, but when you consider that all three of these books together probably add up to a single standard novel, the price is getting up towards the snow line. It's not a problem for me, but I can see that it would be for a lot of people.