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Running Wild(The Men from Battle Ridge, #1) - Linda Jones I'm not entirely sure who wrote this book, the Kindle version I received from the publisher had the author as Linda Howard and Linda Jones. I have no idea what part they each played in this book, but whatever they did, it worked.With a psychopathic stalker hunting her, Carlin is always ready to run. She works for cash, keeps her "run kit" ready at all times and avoids any attention. When she arrives in Battle Ridge, Wyoming she takes a job working as a housekeeper for a grumpy rancher. She does everything in her power to keep him at arms length but their attraction is proving hard to fight. But with her stalker closing in she might need to run at any moment.I can't say much about Linda Jones, but I've occasionally noticed that Linda Howard writes villains who are so hyper-evil that it's almost cartoonish. That's definitely the case with Running Wild but it was such good fun that I just can't hold that against this book. Linda Howard (and Linda Jones?) are definitely playing to their strengths. I really enjoyed this book. Many thanks to Random House & Netgalley for providing me with this ARC