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Merry Ex-Mas - Sheila Roberts 3.5 StarsThree divorced women face a difficult Christmas. Cass's daughter is getting married and she wants her father to walk her down the aisle. The same man who has been an absentee father for more than a decade. When he swoops in with his check book and his young and beautiful wife, Cass faces feelings of jealousy and inadequacy. Ella is living in the same house with her ex-husband. She wants to just sell the house and get on with her life but is struggling with her feelings for a man she still loves. A man who insists he never cheated on her despite evidence to the contrary.Charley's ex-husband cheated on her, took her money and set up house with the other woman. Now he's back asking for forgiveness and a second chance. Merry Ex-Mas is a short and sweet Christmas novel. It doesn't particularly do anything new, it's not a challenging read but it does follow the one cardinal rule of Christmas books. It has an optimistic and upbeat message. It's a light and entertaining book.