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Dixie Diva Blues - Virginia Brown Trinket Truevine and Bitty Hollandale are two Southern Belles who are just on the other side of fifty. When one of their friends' husband is accused of murder the two are on the case looking for the real killer and clearing his name. These books are very much caper books, packed full of hijinks and snarky banter. Trinket and Bitty are characters who really lend themselves to the archetypical definitions of a fifty-something Southern woman. What I really love about Dixie Diva Blues is the author has managed to write them without going down that lazy path. They are depicted as intelligent even if they occasionally screw things up. The real fun in this book is the witty banter between the Dixie Divas, the murder mystery was good but in the end it was just the support act for the Dixie Divas who were the real stars of the show.