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Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James WARNING: This review contain bad language.My Inner Goddess (59)Fifty Shades of Grey is the story of a man who has an almost obsessive compulsion to control his women. As a Dominant his kink is bondage, discipline and perhaps sadism. What he needs in a woman is a submissive, a woman who enjoys submitting to his will and will accept his discipline. Ana is a never been kissed virgin–– she is definitely not a submissive. What Ana really wants is a relationship with Christian, she wants to make love to him, but Christian doesn’t allow anyone to touch him and he doesn’t make love, he fucks. But she is attracted to the enigmatic and very attractive Christian so she agrees to act the part of a submissive if it means she can be with him. As their relationship develops, Christian gives Ana more than he has ever given any woman, but ultimately it’s still not enough. Ana needs Christian to love her in the same way as she loves him.My Subconscious (82)This book isn’t perfect. In my opinion it’s a little long and drags in parts. It’s a bit clunky and E.L. James uses some expressions a lot. But overall, this book is entertaining and flows well. For most of the book I was leaning towards a rating of 3.5 stars, but the last chapter completely blew me away, and I just have to give it 4 stars for that alone.Appendix 7

I can’t really review this book without mentioning the debate this book attracts. Everyone seems to have a view. Some love it, and others love to hate it.Some of the criticism comes from people who are in Dom / sub relationships or are in other ways connected to the BDSM world. I can’t really comment on that. I’m just your average vanilla reader.Others focus on the writing and the repetitiveness of the book. OK, this book isn’t going to win any awards for prose, it’s repetitive, the writing isn't perfect but I’ve read much worse than this. When I started this book I was planning on reading book 1 and then moving on. By Chapter 26 I had decided I wanted to read the next book.