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Natural Born Charmer - Susan Elizabeth Phillips The beaver marched right past, her big flat tail bouncing in the gravel, and her small, sharp nose stuck up in the air. Way up. The beaver looked highly pissed.She was definitely a girl beaver because her beaver head was missing, revealing sweaty, dark hair pulled into a short, scraggly ponytail. He’d been praying for a little distraction from his own depressing company, so he threw open the door and stepped out onto the shoulder of the Colorado road.From the very first page, Blue Bailey has been one of my favorite Susan Elizabeth Phillips heroines. She's smart, has a brutal wit, she speaks a big game but doesn't have the confidence to back herself. She will however, run into a burning building to protect her friends.His newest pair of Dolce & Gabbana boots emerged first, followed by the rest of him, all six feet three inches of steely muscle, razor-sharp reflexes, and unsurpassed gorgeousness…or at least that’s what his press agent liked to say. Still, it was pretty much true, although Dean didn’t have nearly as much personal vanity as he let people believe. But emphasizing the superficial was a good way to keep people from getting any closer than he wanted them to be.Dean Robillard is not as interesting. He's basically just your every day cookie cutter hero with his cookie cutter problems. He's used to having women throw themselves at him so when this scruffy woman with bad hair and bad clothes tells him she isn't interested, he sees it as a challenge to his manhood. Throw into the mix his estranged mother, even more estranged father and his half sister, all living together on a farm he is renovating and all the pieces are in place. It's great fun and quite possibly my favorite book by this author.