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Never Too Late (MIRA) - Robyn Carr Calling a spade a spade, this book was a bit of a struggle. The story centers around Clare who after discovering her repeatedly unfaithful husband in bed with yet another woman is in a serious car accident. Now her husband, the police officer who attended the scene, and a man from her past are all calling on her while her two sisters look on. The problem is that I didn't much like Clare. Sarah Lyn, one of her sisters was really the star of this book for me and I found myself flicking through pages just to get to her story. Perhaps the strangest thing about this book is that about half-way through Clare dumped Sam (the guy who from the beginning seemed to be her love interest) and took up with Pete. Sam got over Clare and hooked up with Sarah Lyn. The relationship between Sarah Lyn and Sam was to be honest the most interesting thing about this book.