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Faerie Queen: Queen of the Faeries, War of the Faeries, Reign of the Faery Queen - Catherine Harper I don't read fantasy books, I found Lord of the Rings to be pompous and boring, I thought Eragon was just a little silly, I read a lot of C.S. Lewis when I was a kid but I got over them...all that goes to say is that I didn't have very high expectations. However, the author of this book is a close friend of one of my friends so I read it. It's actually really very good. It's a first book and as is often the case, it lacks the polish and craftsmanship of someone who has written 20 books, but the story pulls you in very quickly and holds you. The author definitely has talent and from what my friend has told me has started her second book. Faerie Queen isn't perfect but it's very good and definitely well worth the effort. Deserves each of the 4 stars I'm going to give it.