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Mostly Romance. Contemporary, Paranormal, Historical and Romantic Suspense. Also a little Urban Fantasy and Mystery.
Season for Miracles - Marilyn Pappano Emilie is the only mother Alanna, Josie and Brendan have ever known but after losing her job and being evicted the court order the children be taken into state care. Rather than losing her family Emilie runs. Caught in a blizzard they stop in the small town of Bethlehem. Her plans are to shelter for the night and then continue running, but the town starts to pull them into their embrace and becomes something they've never known, a home. Season for Miracles is very much a fairytale for adults. I think some authors these days become a little obsessed with procedural accuracy and their stories can be weighed down by it. This book doesn't have that problem, it's a fantasy and problems disappear with a wave of the wand (or a phone call). It was a really entertaining and unashamedly sentimental book.