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Mostly Romance. Contemporary, Paranormal, Historical and Romantic Suspense. Also a little Urban Fantasy and Mystery.
Somewhere Along The Way - Jodi Thomas The characters introduced in "Welcome to Harmony" return and a few new characters find themselves in Harmony, Texas looking for redemption, healing and perhaps a chance for love. This the second book centers around Gabe, a broken soldier who returns to Harmony to hide out from his past. But after rescuing Reagan who slipped and fell into a ravine on freezing night the town starts to thwart his plans to live a hermit's life. He meets Liz a young lawyer who's sleeping in her office because she can't afford to rent a home and sparks immediately fly. Finally, an old friend from his army days has managed to track him down and that's pretty much the end of his life hiding from the world. Fans of Emily March in particular will like this series. I think other books in this genre can be quite heavy on the sexual content. I personally don't mind that but I know there are people who prefer books without so much sex in them and these books definitely fit that bill.