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Color my Horse (by Bev Pettersen)

Color My Horse - Bev Pettersen

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Desperate to escape her manipulative grandfather, Jessica takes a job working as a groom for his horse’s trainer. She’s the lowest rung on the ladder at the stable and Mark assigns her to an old horse that hasn’t won a race in years. 

She builds an affinity with Buddy (the horse) and with the attention she lavishes on him, he once again starts to run like a champion.

But there are criminals in the wings who are targeting Mark’s star horse, and with the police doing nothing it’s left up to Jessica and Mark to investigate. 


Color my Horse is very good romantic suspense. My only criticism is that the relationship between Mark and Jessica seemed separate to the story...it was almost like I was leaving the story so they could get it on. It’s a small criticism and I liked this book a lot.