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Mostly Romance. Contemporary, Paranormal, Historical and Romantic Suspense. Also a little Urban Fantasy and Mystery.
Off Leash - Jenna Anderson 3.5 StarsCandice is on her way to get her purebred Bichon, Phoebe royally rogered by Charles the Conquerer, a prize winning stud Bichon. Unfortunately she gets hopelessly lost and finds herself in desperate need of a bathroom break outside a farm in rural Indiana. Phoebe slips her leash and heads straight for farm mutt Jack. Jack thinks Phoebe is a fine looking woman and it must be love because Phoebe thinks Jack is also a very sexy man in that hairy farmer way. They immediately consummate their love again and again much to Candy's distress and human farmer Mark's amusement. On the surface Candice and Mark are an odd couple but in Mark Candice sees something that's missing in her life. In one afternoon on the farm she finds friendship and love.This book is very short and there is no room for character development, added to that the story takes place over a day and a half from start to finish so it's an unlikely scenario. Mark and Candice kiss three hours after they meet,I know that does happen, but everything seems a little rushed in this book. Still it's a sweet (very) short story, and a bit of harmless fun for a couple of hours.