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Villere House (by Leslie Fear and C.D. Hussey)

Villere House (Blood of My Blood) - CD Hussey, Leslie Fear

Disclosure: I am an online friend of Leslie Fear's on both Facebook and Goodreads.  


When Lottie arrives in New Orleans she is fully expecting a few days of drinking too much and partying. But an evil spirit and a centuries old curse are hanging over her head. With the help of Xavier, the owner of a shop selling voodoo souvenirs to tourists and a French speaking ghost who visits her in her dreams, she begins to unravel the mystery. But the voodoo queen won't easily surrender what she has and the price she demands might be more than Lottie can pay.  


Totally loved this book. It's an old school ghost story that's well written and entertaining. I read a lot of books, between 175 and 200 per year. Ninety-five percent of them are electronic versions. But for a very few, I want to have a physical book on my shelf.  This is one of those books. (lol...lucky me! a signed copy is on the way)