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The Bone Season (Scion 1)

The Bone Season - Samantha Shannon

Paige is a voyant with the very rare gift of being a dream-walker. She can push into people's minds and if she chooses attack them at their very core. Living in the near future, in a London that is ruled by humans who fear and despise the voyants she finds a home in the criminal underworld where her gifts are valued. Then she is captured by the government and sent to a Oxford, a city that has been removed from all maps, a prison for the voyants that is ruled by mysterious and brutal beings known as the Rephaim.


I quite enjoyed The Bone Season...I might have even rated it 4 stars but for one thing. The bain of my existence, authors that use the last chapter of a book to try and force me to buy the next in the series. I don't want a whole bunch of questions raised in the last pages, I want a resolution!!! It annoys me....a lot.