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Libriomancer: (Magic Ex Libris Book 1)

Libriomancer - Jim C. Hines Isaac is a libriomancer. He can pull items from the pages of a book and use them in the world. Unfortunately the magic has a price and after pulling the tripods from War of the Worlds he has been forbidden from using magic. But when vampires show up at the library where he works he's forced back into the game. The first libriomancer, Johannes Gutenberg has gone missing and someone is controlling vampires and forcing them to attack other magical beings.With a little help from a wood nymph and an incendiary spider he must find the person who is pulling the strings from the shadows and prevent a war between the vampires and the libriomancers. The premise of this book is amazing, and for the most part the book works. J.C. Hines occasionally goes a little over the top with the details...honestly there are parts which are bordering on info-dump territory, and the ending really didn't work for me but setting those things aside Libriomancer was pretty good fun.