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Saving Francesca

Saving Francesca - Melina Marchetta Sixteen year old Francesca is doing her last two years of high school at St. Sebastian's, a boys school which has recently opened it's doors to girls. As one of only 30 girls in a school of 600 and with all her old friends attending a different school, life is not a lot of fun for her. Added to that, one morning her vibrant and funny mother takes to bed and won't get up, and her father refuses to tell her why. She finds support, friendship and the courage to be herself with three girls from the uncool group at her former school. Statistics show that one in three people will deal with the condition faced by Francesca's mother depression / mental illness and this book deals with the issue sensitively and with honesty. It deals with the pressure to conform and having the courage to be yourself, about young love and about the mess of emotions that all young adults seem to face.It's a beautiful and satisfying book.