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Three Days to Dead

Three Days to Dead - Kelly Meding When Evangeline wakes up in the morgue in another woman's body and with no memories of how she died she finds herself on the run from those who are hunting her, and searching for answers from other-worldy creatures who are reluctant to talk. With the help of her handler she needs to get to the bottom of the mystery and hopefully thwart the plans of powerful beings who want to unleash an unspeakable horror on humanity. Three Days to Dead is a great idea which occasionally didn't work. I'm not a big fan of a countdowns to progress a plot and build suspense and as the title suggests this book is all about that. I had pretty much figured out this book in the first quarter so despite the authors efforts there were no surprises for me in the conclusion. It wasn't bad. It was entertaining enough even if it was a little obvious and on the strength of the book I'll probably pick up the second in the series at some stage...though I won't be dropping everything to do it.