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Dreamfever - Karen Marie Moning This series has been a bit spotty for me. There are things about the series I like a lot and things that drive me to distraction. I'm not a big fan of cliffhanger endings, in some ways I think it's a cheap device to get you to buy the next book in the series. I feel cheated when a book ends with the beautiful woman tied up on the train-tracks and not knowing if the Texas Ranger saves her or not. The first person narrative style used in this series has also grated on me a bit. I don't really know why, I've read other books using the same narrative style which worked for me...for some reason this series hasn't. Up until Dreamfever those things have been a little annoying, but this book completely blew them out of the water. It's far and away the best in the series (thus far). It's made the effort of the first three books worthwhile. Easily 4 stars.