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The Fixer Upper

The Fixer Upper - Mary Kay Andrews There are a few things I don't like about this book. I find it a little annoying when authors throw out brand names excessively. Describing the watches two people are wearing and telling me that her Panerai trumped his Rolex...well it's just a little silly. A bunch of other brands are mentioned which I suspect were paid product placement. The other thing which left me feeling somewhere between "blah" and "meh", was the police procedures described. I'd love to know where that old chestnut of a plot device, good cop / bad cop, came from...I'd love it even more if authors and film directors stopped using it. The way police listening devices were used was illegal, the behavior of the FBI agents was harassment, and then to top it all off after receiving a payoff in a sting operation the feds decided the main character could keep it.I was quite intrigued by some of the relationships in this book and I wish the author developed them a little more. The relationship between Dempsey and Bob (the man helping her with the renovations) was interesting, as was her relationship with her mother and her relationship with Ella Kate but they were all left unexplored and underdeveloped. There are definitely good things in this book. If you can suspend disbelief it's entertaining enough. The renovation aspect of the story was interesting (but I love that stuff), and there was a dog (what's not to like about that). I don't think the good things in this book add up to a good book but it's not too bad.