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Dark Currents (The Emperor's Edge #2)

Dark Currents (The Emperor's Edge #2) - Lindsay Buroker When three bodies show up in the aqueduct our heroes are using for their hide-out Amaranthe senses an opportunity to help the Empire and clear their names. The team head into the mountains to the source of the cities water in an effort to find the culprit and thwart whatever dastardly plan they have. Dark Currents is interesting and entertaining in a Romancing the Stone kind of way. There isn't all that much world building and the story is painted with broad brush-strokes so it's easily accessible for people who wouldn't normally read fantasy. It's a fun story, well told. Amaranthe and Sicarius ... Well I thought it was funny anyway. Hey! At least I didn't use a Tangled .gif Oh what the hell!!!