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The Emperor's Edge (The Emperor's Edge #1)

The Emperor's Edge (The Emperor's Edge #1) - Lindsay Buroker Amaranth is an Imperial Enforcer in a world where women are not considered capable of the job. She is routinely passed over for promotions and finds herself doing crowd control and cleaning up rather than investigating crimes. So when she is recruited for a special assignment to trap and kill the notorious assassin Sicarius, she thinks she is finally getting some long overdue recognition. But what she discovers is deep-seated corruption, and collusion between powerful business people and those entrusted to protect the emperor. There is a plan to assassinate him and replace him with a puppet and she will need to join Sicarius to save him, but Sicarius has his own agenda. The Emperors Edge is a bit like Steam Punk meets The A-Team. Amaranth pulls together a team who busy themselves with a completely outlandish scheme to protect the emperor. There is escaping from prisons, whacky disguises, bombs made from kitchen supplies...pretty much everything you want from 80s television, all packed into a very well written fantasy novel. It really is a lot of fun.