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Bared to You: A Crossfire Novel

Bared to You  - Sylvia Day This book has left me feeling somewhat bereft. I don't quite know what to say about it as a whole so I might divide it up into what I see as it's parts and tackle them individually. But first...I've seen a few of the less favorable reviews for this book and they all seem to center around the similarities between Bared to You and Fifty Shades. I haven't read Fifty Shades so I can't really say anything about that, but I do have a thought on the subject.I can't say whether it's right or wrong but I would say that writers have been plundering the works of other writers for many hundreds of years. Everything from Romeo & Juliet to Pride & Prejudice has been rehashed and reinvented by other authors. Sometimes it's hard to know when plagiarism ends and homage begins. e.g. (two lowly ranked samurai comic relief wander the Kanto plains in feudal Japan...and...two androids comic relief wander the plains of Tatooine)(a haughty princess and her mercenary bodyguard...and...a haughty princess and her mercenary bodyguard)The sexThis book has a lot of sex in it and it's quite explicit. I'm no prude. If people want to lie around on the lounge room floor and have sex with a dozen strangers, I say 'good for them'. Not my thing but I won't judge. That said, for me the amount of sex in this book was a distraction and I flicked through most of it. I imagine the sex was important to the market but I don't think it was all that important to the story. There is a little sexual domination and submission but not nearly as much as I was expecting so if that offends your sensibilities it's a book you should avoid. People who find explicit descriptions of sex offensive should also give this one a miss.The storySex and 50 shades aside...this is a really great story. It's about two very broken people who manage to find comfort in each others arms. There are some very disturbing aspects to this story, especially Gideon's almost pathological obsession with Eva, but it is handled quite well. His obsession reminded me a little of a Japanese film from the 1970s called "In the Realm of the Senses". It was banned just about everywhere except France and Sweden.