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My Ex From Hell (The Blooming Goddess Trilogy Book One)

My Ex From Hell - Tellulah Darling Boarding school is anything but a bed of roses for Sophie. She's the target of the popular clique, the yoga girls; she's on probation and facing expulsion if she gets into trouble again; and her mother is more interested in breaking Elizabeth Taylor's marriage record than having anything to do with her. Then after a sizzling and forbidden kiss, memories that were buried come crashing back. Not only is she a sixteen year old school girl, she is Persephone, the Greek goddess of Spring...and with Hades and Zeus sending their minions to get her, the Yoga Girls suddenly don't seem so bad. She needs to master her powers if she is to have any hope of surviving her sophomore year. My Ex From Hell was an entertaining adventure with greek gods and goddesses, titans, dragons and nymphs. It's not perfect, the author occasionally uses foreshadowing which I always find annoying and she throws in pop-culture references which just felt awkward. But I enjoyed this book and I'm willing to overlook those few minor stumbles.Many thanks to Tellulah Darling & Netgalley for providing me with this ARC