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The Hero

The Hero - Robyn Carr

After escaping from a cult, Devon finds herself in Thunder Point where she takes her first tentative steps at building a new life with her daughter. She finds a job and a small home in a run down part of town and she can finally see a bright future.


Recently widowed, Thunder Point is a chance for a fresh start for Spencer and his son. He's still mourning the death of his wife so at first he pushes thoughts of the beautiful blonde out of his mind, but as the weeks pass they take baby steps towards building a relationship and perhaps in the future maybe even a life together.


But both have baggage. Both have young children. And Devon still has an obsessive and manipulative cult leader on her trail.


The Hero is pretty much what I expect from Robyn Carr. Well written and entertaining stories about people pulling together. This book is about Devon and Spencer but it's about much more than just them. We catch up on stories from previous books and the foundation is set down for future stories. This book reminded me a little of Shelter Mountain (Virgin River, book 2).


That's not a bad thing, Shelter Mountain is my favorite book in the Virgin River series and I enjoyed this one nearly as much.


Many thanks to Harlequin and Netgalley for providing me with this ARC