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Motorcycle Man (Dream Man, #4)

Motorcycle Man (Dream Man, #4) - Kristen Ashley I can't decide if Kristen is a great writer or a great story-teller. Parts of Motorcycle Man read like an e.e. cummings poem, other parts read like a stream of consciousness. It's brash, in your face and unapologetic about it. Overall I liked Motorcycle Man a lot, but there are things in this book that I'm very uncomfortable with (those things say more about me personally than the book so I'm not going to share them). My only real criticism is the epilogue. I guess as the end of a series KA wanted to give the fans a few cookies, and on one level I can understand that. But this is the first KA book I have read and to me a lot of the epilogue felt like sitting around the campfire and singing Kumbaya.So much of this book left me wondering, and I think I need to read another one of her books before I can really make up my mind about her as an author.