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Little Night

Little Night - Luanne Rice 3.5 starsOver the Easter long weekend I was in Sydney and found myself in the middle of a situation where a guy was getting rough with his girlfriend. It ended with him realizing he couldn’t bully me and he had a snowflakes chance in hell of beating me in a fight so he stormed off. That’s the extent of my knowledge about partner abuse...I know men who get rough with women are usually cowards and not much more.Little Night was quite interesting (in a disturbing way) because it gave me a glimpse into the mind of women who have violent partners or parents. Luanne Rice talks about women trying to be invisible; walking on egg-shells; lying and deceiving those around them; keeping secret places; and in some cases becoming an abuser themselves all to keep their abuser from turning on them. It is a story about two women. Clare who was sent to prison for two years after clubbing her sister Anne’s abusive husband. And Grit, Anne’s daughter who has turned up on Clare’s doorstep with nowhere else to go. Together they are able to find a measure of peace with a past that still looms over them both.I don’t think Little Night was a great book. Stylistically it meanders along, it jumps around and it goes off on little irrelevant tangents. Some of those tangents were interesting but they didn’t really add anything to the story. It wasn't badly written but it felt a little like a rudderless ship.