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Almost - Anne Eliot ★★★½“I know I’m acting crazy but I’m in love with this girl. Major love. And I have no idea what to do about it, so it’s messing with my sanity.”I really love this book, but I have a problem with it. For the first half of the book, I could easily have walked away. It really didn't start to get interesting till after I had read about 50% of it, and it didn't become a book that I would sacrifice sleep for till I was nearly 80% through. I know one other person has had a similar experience. To me that seems like a mistake. I know a bunch of people who have a three chapter rule. If they book hasn't hooked them by then, they walk away.Setting that aside, I'm glad I pushed through with this book. The final few chapters made everything else worth while (for me). In her freshman year, Jess came very close to being raped. She was drugged and undressed but the would be rapist was interrupted and she was saved from that ordeal. But that trauma has defined every day of her life since. Her sleep is stolen by terrible nightmares, flashes of that night, and she survives on short naps in her car and cans of Red Bull.Gray agrees to become her pretend boyfriend to help her appear normal in the hopes her parents' will allow her to attend college. But he isn't pretending to be in love with her, and he has a secret that could destroy any chance they have for a future. Almost, despite the slow start is an uplifting and positive book about a woman coming to terms with a life changing trauma. "Stop. I don't ever want to forget you being there. You were afraid, just like me. And I shouldn't be mad at you for that. You stepped up. You were my hero that night, and I see that now. You stopped him. Gray...you stopped him from hurting me when I couldn't."(I'm not sure about the U.S., but in Australia something like 3 out of every 5 women will have experienced some form of sexual assault in their life. It's a tragic and largely hidden crime.)