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Web of Lies: An Elemental Assassin Book

Web of Lies - Jennifer Estep At the age of 15 Donovan Caine suffered a terrible life altering trauma. His mother stopped breast feeding him. He was disconsolate. Not even his extensive Furby collection could turn that frown upside down. The result...Donovan Caine became a complete ass-hat. ass-hat. ass-hat. ass-hat. This book is really great but I'm holding the 5th star hostage. Ms Estep, if you want the 5th star kill ass-hat by 5pm, May 29. The method of death should be gruesome and humiliating...it would be nice if it involved public nudity, a porta-loo, and 200 meters of det-chord. I loved everything about this book except ass-hat. Well worth a read if a dystopian alternate reality, inhabited by magic users, vampires, giants and dwarves sounds like your cup of tea.