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My Life as a White Trash Zombie

My Life as a White Trash Zombie - Angel lives in a hovel with her dead-beat and abusive father. She's an alcoholic, pill popping, pot smoking woman with a conviction, an equally dead-beat boyfriend, and she can't even hang on to a dead end job. Then she dies, is turned into a zombie, and lands a job at the morgue. Things are starting to look up for her...except she's one of the undead, and she has insatiable cravings for brains. My Life as a White Trash Zombie is a bit of a romp. It's a fun book which glides along effortlessly. Often by the end of a book, I'm ready for it to end, but I just wanted this one to keep going. I listened to the audiobook narrated by Allison McLemore and she is perfect for the book. Listening to her is like drowning in Southern honey.