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I've Got Your Number

I've Got Your Number - Sophie Kinsella I've Got Your Number is a light and fluffy romantic farce. Poppy is engaged to be married to the perfect guy, well he would be perfect if it wasn't for his parents. Then in a matter of hours the wheels start to fall off. She loses her engagement ring and her phone is stolen. After finding a phone in the trash and claiming it as her own she becomes entangled with an abrupt and uncaring businessman. The phone belonged to his PA who has deserted him and he needs it back, but she has given the number to a bunch of people who might call her about the engagement ring so she makes a deal that she will forward any messages to him if he allows her to keep it for a few days.As the story progresses it becomes apparent that her perfect fiancé, isn't so perfect; her judgmental in-laws to be aren't all that bad; and the heartless businessman is actually quite a decent personThis book is really good fun and suitable for all readers. There is a small amount of bad language, but no sex scenes so it passes the grandmother test.