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Neanderthal Seeks Human: A Smart Romance (Knitting in the City, #1)

Neanderthal Seeks Human: A Smart Romance (Knitting in the City, #1) - Penny Reid On the worst day of her life, Janie finds out her boyfriend slept with another woman; she was fired from her job; found herself in a toilet cubicle with no toilet paper; and was escorted from the premises by the security guard she had been secretly ogling for the past weeks. Quinn is not only the security guard, he owns the whole company. He has a rock hard stoicism that somehow Janie and her fountain of trivial facts is able to crack through. But he has a dark past and needs to keep his walls in place to keep it from overwhelming him. Neanderthal Seeks Human is your typical cute and quirky contemporary romance. Likeable characters and story that doesn't try to be too tricky make this a quick and fun read.