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Binds: 1 (Binds Series)

Binds - Rebecca  Espinoza 4.5 StarsI read this book in secret. I told a few people I was reading it but I'm a Goodreads friend of Rebecca Espinoza and I was a little worried that I just wouldn't like the book. I'm sure some of you have experienced that moment when someone hands you their baby and you look at him / her and think to yourself, 'Wow, this is one ugly baby'...but you force a smile on your face and say, "Hello cutey"? That's what I was worried about. But this book is freaking amazing! It's a debut...and it's freaking amazing! OK, as you would expect of a first time author, her influences come through in this book and occasionally they come through quite strongly...but this book is freaking amazing! If this is where she is starting from, I can't begin to imagine where she is going to end up in 10 years! Time to start begging for a signed copy, because a day is coming when I will be the coolest person in the room because I have a signed copy of Binds.Oh...and that cover is sublime!