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Mind Games (Disillusionists Series #1)

Mind Games - Carolyn Crane I've always thought Aquaman should have been embarrassed to call himself a super hero. I mean he can talk to fish—– does that really qualify him for his own cartoon? Now, Ironman is cool! He can shoot missiles out of...well everything and he has an arc reactor for his heart.What does this have to do with Mind Games? Well, Justine Jones is sort of like a super hero. Her super power—– hypochondria!! With a touch she can "zing" her own hypochondria into her target and make them worry that the itch they have on their scalp cannot be fixed with a different brand of shampoo and they really need to get to the hospital at once for a CT Scan. The weird feeling in my temple is still there on Tuesday, and it's a struggle not to get it checked out. Having the power to zing out my fear doesn't mean I'm cured, it just means I have the unnatural ability to erase my fear, and fear is an essential part of survival. Fear is what causes people to take measures to protect and save themselves. From that point of view I could be in more medical danger than ever before. What's more, not only are there intermittent tingles but I've had a dull headache since Sunday except for about 15 minutes when I woke up this morning. That could be a really good sign or bad sign depending on which medical explanation you wanna go with. I keep thinking it's a bad sign.The premise for this story is kind of odd, but it works on every level. It's just really good fun. It's full of action, has a little suspense, is laugh out loud funny in parts...and it all works.