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Down and Out in Beverly Heels (by Kathryn Leigh Scott)

Down and Out in Beverly Heels - Kathryn Leigh Scott

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After her con-man husband swindles his investors, Hollywood actress Meg Barnes finds herself penniless and living in her car. Desperate to get her life and career back on track she lands a supporting role in a TV pilot. But with the FBI and the Mob still after her husband, she needs to deal with her past before she can look to the future. 




When I looked at the cover of this book, I was expecting a ditzy self absorbed Hollywood starlet, who manages to solve the crime despite her complete incompetence.  The synopsis pretty much confirmed that.  


But it only took a few chapters to realize this book was something very special. What I got was a confident, intelligent and kind heroine who was doing her best to make the most of her situation.  


So much love for this book that 5 Stars aren’t nearly enough.