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The Unsung Hero (Troubleshooters, Book 1)

The Unsung Hero - Suzanne Brockmann The Unsung Hero is a good book which had a few problems. The Ashton family and the Paoletti family have been linked since Joe Paoletti and Charles Ashton served together in occupied France during WW2. Tom Paoletti returns to his hometown where he runs headlong into Kelly Ashton the woman he loved and left many years earlier. She is recently divorced and looking to rekindle their relationship. Perhaps the most interesting story in this book is that of Mallory Paoletti and David Sullivan. It's the story that managed to keep me going when some of the other stories were dragging a bit.So the problems. I think there was just a little too much going on in this book. There are four intertwining stories which I was bounced between. None of the story arcs dominated and by the end I felt I had read part of four stories rather than all of one. The Kindle version I read didn't have any form of division between the stories and one minute I was reading about Tom and Kelly, and then without even realizing it the story would switch to Mallory and David or Joe and Charles.